Made For A Better World

Sorbos straws were created to help end the damage being done to the planet, and the animal kingdom, from the extreme use of one-time disposal plastic straws. Sorbos straws are composed of all-natural ingredients, that fully decomposes within hours and requires no special composting system. They are the perfect straws for a better world.




Plastic straws take between 100 and 1,000 years to decompose! An unbelievable fact that underscores the urgency to replace them with an earth, and animal, friendly solution.

This is where Sorbos edible straws come in; made of natural ingredients – beet root sugar, Cassava Root Starch, and all natural flavours, Sorbos Straws will decompose fully within hours. No special facilities needed, and absolutely no way for them to hang around, get into the ecosystem, and harm animals. Naturally from the earth and naturally they return to the earth.

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They check
all the good

Does not change the flavour of the drink
Great mouthfeel compared to alternatives; think paper straws......
Non GMO – All ingredients in Sorbos Straws are derived from all natural non GMO sources
Gluten Free – Sorbos Straws are naturally Gluten Free and produced in a facility with no Gluten
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They Are


This is where things get cool! Not only are Sorbos Straws the world’s best straws but they are wonderfully delicious. You can have a chocolate straw along with your Mocha Frappuccino, a Strawberry straw with your Spritz, a Lime straw with your Monte Mule, or the classic neutral straw with just about anything. Sorbos straws are not just the right straws to use today they are also the most delicious.

Strawberry, Chocolate, Lime, Lemon, Ginger, Green Apple, Cinnamon, Neutral
8 Flavours
Strawberry, Chocolate, Lime Lemon, Ginger, Green Apple Cinnamon, Neutral
To learn more about Sorbos ingredients and facts
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8 Flavours

To learn more about Sorbos ingredients and facts
Learn more
The world is changing
so are your straws!