Stop Wasting Wine!


Preservation System

Never worry about your bottle of wine going bad when you want to open it just to have a glass. With the WineLife Preservation System enjoy a glass of any wine, from a bottle of a rare Bordeaux to your favourite every day wine, without wasting any of it ever again! Now you can drink the wine you want when you want to drink it.
It’s as easy as WineLife WineLife WineLife
Open Bottle of Wine

Once a bottle of wine has been opened and poured it is exposed to more air which starts the process of oxidizing a wine immediately. It is this process that renders a nice bottle of wine undrinkable over a short period of time.

Preserving An Open Bottle Of Wine

In order to stop the oxidizing of the wine it is imperative to remove the Oxygen molecules for coming in contact with it. Simply insert the WineLife straw into the neck of the wine bottle and press the trigger down for 2 seconds.

Saving It For
Another Time

With the application of the WineLife preservation system to the open bottle, the wine is now being protected from the Oxygen molecules effectively stopping any oxidization of the wine. You are now free to recork/reseal your wine with the knowledge that it will drink wonderfully the next time you open it.

protective layer preserves your
wine for up to
10 days